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Of all the partners standing hand in hand with UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland, the Branches roots run deepest. Reaching down to the bedrock upon which the hospital was built,the Children’s Hospital Branches is a network of volunteer auxiliaries that has been an integral part of the Children’s family since the hospital’s beginnings in 1914. The hospital founded by women has been supported by women, right from the start.

Throughout 102 years of service, members of the Branches have served as Children’s advocates in the community, raising millions of dollars to provide both seed money for new programs and ongoing support that has touched virtually every department and division at the hospital. Generations of kids and families have benefited from the efforts of the Branches.

Every year the more than 450 members of the Branches provide almost $1,000,000 to support programs throughout the hospital, including Family House, the Parent-Infant program, Katie’s Clinic for Rett syndrome, and the Art for Life program. CHORI, The Artist-in-Residence program, International Adoption Clinic, the Center for Child Protection and FACES for the Future also benefited, along with the Autism Intervention Program, the Intensive Care Nursery and the Palliative Care program.

As the hospital has evolved in response to the needs of the community, the Branches organization has, too, developing creative and enjoyable ways to bring people together in support of the hospital. Today, Branches events such as the Spring Shopping Spree, the Gala des Enfants, and the Winter Ball are part of the fabric of life in the Bay Area, eagerly awaited each year and indelibly associated with UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland.

Donors - Honor Roll


East Bay Community Fund - Meyer's Sisters' Trust


Robert and Sheila Challey
McKesson Corporation
Novo Nordisk, Inc.
Chris & Kristina Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Marshall Spurlock


BMW and MINI of Concord
Dr. & Mrs. Scott Stanton Corvin
Mr. & Mrs. William Francis Dougherty, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Peter John Engstrom
Ernst & Young LLP
Ms. Holly Fuller
Mrs. Bradford Victor Hebert
Mr. & Mrs. William Scott Howard
Kate Spade New York
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Samuel Klepper
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Carl Kovalik
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mark Loback
Barbara Malatesla
Mr. & Mrs. Royce Arne Nicolaisen
One Toyota of Oakland
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Brian Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Parker Brian Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Joseph Pietrykowski
Dr. George Williams Rutherford, III
Mr. & Mrs. H. James Wulfsberg
Mrs. Joyce Zeff


Bay Area Petroleum Association
CSAA Insurance Group
Mr. & Mrs. George Gilbert Goetz
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Raymond Haithcock
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Walter Hanschen
Heritage Bank of Commerce
Mr. & Mrs. Blake Allan Lasky
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Philip Lavdiotis

Champion (continued)

Mr. & Mrs. John Carles Quantz
Mrs. Kevin Paul Romakv
Dr. Silvia Marina Villagomez
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Thomas Yancey
Ms. Karen Vukasin Zeff


Mr. & Mrs. Orin Dennis Adams
Mr. & Mrs. David Behring
Mrs. Adam Robert Betta
Darryl & Laurel Browman
Paul & Joni Brownstein
Ted & Abby Buckley
Bruce & Christy Campbell
Bob & Angela Ciccone
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kiehbiel Coupin
Mr. & Mrs. Cragin
Mr. Dale Crandall
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dell'Osso
Michael DeMello
Dan & Pat DeRensis
Ms. Lynne Edminster
Mr. & Mrs. David Eichler Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Andrus Ellis
Jesse and Leigh Ann Engle
Mr. & Mrs. David Gerald Etheridge
Dr. and Mrs. Johathan Fish
Tom & Belinda George
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Harris Gibson III
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Oscar Glaessner
Mr. & Mrs. Willia George Green
Jonathan & Jennifer Hancock
John & Anne Healy
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Hebert
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Henn
Mr. & Mrs. Michael John Hession
Mark & Shannon Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Neil Jorgens
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Elliot Kessler
Steven Kliegman & Deirdre Henry
Harry and Joanne Knapp
Ken & Patti Kosich
Mr. Stanton Richard Koppel

Partner (continued)

Mr . & Mrs. Ken Kosich
Mr. & Mrs. H. Thompson Lehrkind
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Long
Bill and Colleen Lund
Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Madigan
Mrs. Hillary Hilken Marble
Mechanics Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth William Meyersieck
Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Michaels
Gregory & Lindsey Organ
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Pease
Walter & Gina Price
Nick & Debbie Rago
Ron & Susan Rothenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher John Running
Taryn Sievers & Vince Chow
Reid & Amy Settlemier
Mr. A. Horton Shapiro
Mr. & Mrs. John Shaw
Honorable & Mrs. Thomas Frank Smegal, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Shahan Derek Soghikian
Jon & Lisa Steele
Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Nicholas Stefan
Mr. & Mrs. William Kenneth Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Arnold ten Grotenhuis III
Chris Tasker
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Truebridge
The Vanmark Group
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zook Todd III
Mr & Mrs. Charles Marshall Wiser
Greg & Jan Yonko
Mr. Ron Zeff
Peter & Renee Zolintakis

In-Kind Donors

Clark, Norman & Evelyn Cooper, White & Cooper, LLP
Joshua Ets-Hokin Photography
Kate Spade New York
Kaur Photography
Magel, Bob & Melinda
Round Hill Country Club
Valeria Spa


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